Welcome Folks:
To The Kiskatinaw Ecological Society

The objectives of the Kiskatinaw Ecological Society are to enhance the various ecosystems of the Kiskatinaw River Valley in the Peace River Country of British Columbia.

The Kiskatinaw is a well defined watershed within the Peace River Basin, which in turn is a part of the vast MacKenzie River which drains into the Arctic ocean.

Projects maybe located in any suitable location within the Kiskatinaw watershed as defined and approved by the directors of the Society.

Plan of Action

We anticipate that we shall be able to accomplish our mission statement by pursuing the following  plan of action  

  •  To advance the philosophy that agriculture is and will remain a vibrant and important component of Valley economic Activity. 
  •  To help society at large realize the valuable component of the total South Peace community’s fabric that ranchers, farmers and other rural residents of the Valley represent.

  • To offer leadership in promoting and implementing the Best Management Practices protocol (by a significant number of Valley Ranchers & Farmers) by offering Holistic and Sustainable advisory services and information on our Website.

  • To identify, insure access to and preserve sources of potable water and agricultural water for all rural residents of the Valley; plus, other bonafide users involved with renewable resources residing outside the Valley Boundaries proper

To seek out like minded and compatible groups to work together with who will support and endorse our Society’s activities regarding potable water and soil conservation, sustainable environmentally and good ecological practices. And thus make our society a stronger entity.

                     Remembering Mark    
"To honor and preserve the memory of Mark Ernest Nimitz, who so greatly loved the outdoors and the animals of the Kiskatinaw River Ranch, by conceiving, creating, evaluating and implementing a series of communications and conservation projects guided by the Holistic Management of Human, Natural and Economic resources."
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