About the Kiskatinaw Ecological Society    
We were established in 2008 by the Nimitz Family and several qualified and knowledgeable friends. We work to gather knowledge that is helpful in ecologically sound management of the lands within the Kiskatinaw river watershed. The society is currently working on several projects of both educational and restorative focuses. We hope to grow our knowledge base and continue to be able to share ideas and sound principles with people in the area in the future.
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To enhance the various ecosystems of the Kiskatinaw River Valley in the Peace River Country of British Columbia. To honor and preserve the memory of Mark Ernest Nimitz, who so greatly loved the outdoors and the animals of the Kiskatinaw River Ranch. 
More information Kiskatinaw River Watershed: View the map here: Kiskatinaw Watershed
Communities of interest in the Kiskatinaw River Valley Watershed include, South to North; Upper Cutbank, Fellers Heights, Arras, Progress, Willow Brook, Bessborough, Willow Valley, Sunset Prairie, Sunrise valley, Parkland, Farmington, Sweet Water, Valleyview, Shearer Dale.

The Kiskatinaw River Watershed is a sub basin of the mighty Peace River Basin, itself a major sub basin of the vast Mackenize River Basin flowing to the Arctic Ocean and one of the largest river basins on the North American continent.

A distinguishing feature of the Kiskatinaw Valley and watershed, some 1,000,000 acres in size, is that it is a rural area with no major urban centers in the entire valley.

The watershed is a farming-ranching area with lots of both forestry and oil-natural gas activity; the city of Dawson Creek also uses the River for its water supply.

For GPS fans, the Kiskatinaw River is generally located between 55-56 degrees north latitude and 120-121 degrees west latitude.

Remembering Mark   
The loss of Mark Ernest Nimitz in 2008 was the inspiration for the creation of the Kiskatinaw Society. It was created to celebrate the love he shared for the outdoors around the world and at home in the Kiskatinaw River Valley on the family ranch. Read Sandra Burton's Article about her experiences with Mark through out his life here.
Our Holistic Vision   
Read about our goals as a family run ranching operations and how our focus and use of horses, forage management and our Environmental Farm Plan have shaped our vision for ourselves and the society going into the future.
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Board of Directors   
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