Biological Thistle Control   

Projected completion date: July 2015

Annual Monitoring for up to 5 Years

Projected cost: $1000 – $2000 

Canada thistle is a large irritant and can become a serious weed problem if left to thrive. As an invasive plant the traditional control methods of spraying and hand slashing can be environmentally damaging and hugely time consuming. Farms and Ranches that operate organically or with environmental farm plans will benefit greatly from studying the longer term effectiveness of biological control.

This project will monitor the effectiveness of the stem mining weevil (Hadroplontus litura) at eradicating thistle patches over a 3-5 year period. Weevils have been shown to be an effective control method in areas of Alberta. This project will determine if they can be used as a long term solution, and if they can weather the climates of the Peace Region in BC. 

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