Completed Projects   
The following are the projects that the Society has completed since it began actively monitoring and researching ideas to benefit the Kiskatinaw River Valley. They are largely focused on the protection of riparian areas through sound management and relatively cheap developements.  
Pilot Projects    
We currently have one Pilot Project that is being funded by the society. The main goal of the project is to show how with minimal effort, money and change a small project can help protect a vast area. In this project we are focusing on protecting a stretch of river by utilizing a simple gravity flow water system.  (Ranch Maxi-Eco-Site #6 Texas Quarter Dugout Watering Site).

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Ranch Maxi-Eco-Sites
A program that we created, starting initially in 2005 to focus maximum management on several important micro sites, usually riparian areas, on the ranch. We hope to expand it to other properties in the future and share our initial knowledge and success with others. We currently have thirty RME's either completed or in the process.

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Best Management Practices
In 2012-2013 we focused on good management practices by a number of land owners in the Kiskatinaw River Valley. The resulting articles can be found here. They emphasize achieving ecological goals and balance on your farm or ranch through specific focuses on good land management. 

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