Our Current Society Projects    
Our current Society projects are as follows: Restoration, Bio-Weed Control, and Water Retention and Soil Productivity. We have in the past formed working groups to come up with ideas for pilot and restoration projects. These projects outline a combination of management practices and educational study to hopefully provide benefit to producers and enthusiasts in the Kiskatinaw River Valley.
Restoration Projects    
We are currently focusing on one major restoration project. We have invited both  Encana, the  Ministry of Transportation and others to participate in reshaping and reclaiming Dead Dawg coulee East and West (RME #13 and #14).

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Bio-Weed Control    
 A project planned for May - July 2015. Will focus on the effectiveness of stem mining weevils in controlling the spread and reduction of established thistle patches in the Kiskatinaw River Valley. 

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Increasing Water Retention and Soil Productivity   
 Using a fully integrated and permanently established intensive grazing program increase the water rentention in soils as well as their productivity. 

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