The society hosts a memorial trailride and pasture walk every year during the August long weekend. It is firstly as a memorial to the life and passing of Mark Ernest Nimitz, and secondly a fun social event for people of all ages whether they can ride or not. It is always accompanied by great food, good conversation and beautiful scenery.

It also allows the society an opportunity to showcase the progress that has been made on the current projects in the last year.

The AGM of the Society is also held at the same time as usually most of the directors are on site during the day.
Trail Ride and AGM 2015   
The 2015 Trail Ride will be Saturday August 1st

It will include:

* A cowboy lunch with campfire coffee and famous trail ride chilli  & beans.

* The AGM for the society will follow lunch

* The Ride will occur around 1pm and last for about 2-3 hours 

* Followed by live music and refreshing beverages of pop or beer whatever your tastebuds favour, on the house of course

* Dinner will close out the event starting between 5-6pm. Featuring Prime Rib, Burgers and Steaks. Put on by Nimitz Beef (

* Everyone is welcome to this event whether you are a member of the society or not.   

* Please RSVP to 250-843-2300

View the Offical Invitation Here
Trail Ride Photos   
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