A Holitistic View   

  The Ranch's Goal   
Envision things long term and eventually develop the landscape to a sustainable level that will support various means of production that will provide the necessary income to allow all members of the family to have the appropriate lifestyle that they require both in terms of economics and personal development.

We believe that a savanna type ranching landscape will serve us well. Our ranching unit has lots of riparian river and developed upland water sites, plus rugged slopes and many treed areas of some density on north facing slopes followed by savanna type pastures and open grazing fields; benefiting both wildlife and our livestock.

Utilization of Ranch raised pleasure horses for our ranch work annually. Maintaining a healthy herd of wild ungulates, at healthy levels to reflect their share of grazing capacity of the “the Ranch”. Crossbred Beef Cattle featuring both Beef Booster and Super Cross herd sires and performance selected cows/heifers. Energetic cattle dogs to guide the herds and a barn cat to entertain the horses and scare the mice. 

Achievement of a love for the outdoors and a great understanding of how Mother Nature's outdoors functions via an ever increasing knowledge of the ecosystems at work. 
Our ranch raised pleasure horses are a part of our personal life and have been in years past. We see horses as a natural part of our daily environment and a valid means of enjoying the peace and quiet, fresh air and sunshine of the River Valley and surrounding area. Secondly, with the up-down nature of the several miles of river breaks; horses are the preferred "Holistic Tool of Choice" for moving our "Harvesters" from pasture to pasture as well as to and from our corrals.
  Forage Management   
We view ourselves past, present and future as "Grass Ranchers". Hence, forage production and management is who we are! Heifers, cows and bulls are our "Harvesters" of the forage produced. By devising and employing proper grazing techniques generally using Intensive Management and Controlled Grazing we are convinced that we are best able to keep our entire ranch ecosystem properly in balance for all resident plants and animals.

  Environmental Farm Plan   

In 2006 we assessed our overall ranching management and operation and decided that we should become involved in the Environmental Farm Planning process sponsored by the BC Ministry of Agriculture and administered by the BC Agricultural Council.  By early 2007 we had completed a comprehensive and approved Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) for our Ranch.

With the belief that it was helpful in maintaining sound ecological processes, in 2011 we revitalized our EFP and updated it under the ARD Corp guidelines. Having an up to date EFP also helps us qualify for the Best Management Practices funding via the federal governments "Growing Forward Program".

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