Objectives of the Kiskatinaw Ecological Society   

To enhance the various ecosystems of the Kiskatinaw River Valley in the Peace River Country of British Columbia.  Projects maybe located in any suitable location within the Kiskatinaw watershed as defined and approved by the directors of “the Society”.  The Kiskatinaw is a well defined watershed within the Peace River Basin, which in turn is a part of the vast MacKenzie River Basin which drains into the Arctic Ocean.

To honor and preserve the memory of Mark Ernest Nimitz who so greatly loved the outdoors and the animals of the Kiskatinaw River Ranch in a worthy fashion by conceiving, creating, evaluating and implementing a series of communications and conservation projects guided by the Holistic Management of Human, Natural and Economic resources.

It is anticipated that “the Society” will use the achievements of the Kiskatinaw River Ranch ecologically and environmentally over the past two decades as the basic foundation to proceed forward with the activities of “the Society”.  In 1999 the Nimitz family was fortunate to be members of the Peace River Forage Association when that group won the B.C. Cattlemen’s Environmental Stewardship Award.  The Nimitz’s Kiskatinaw River Ranch also has in effect a long term,  comprehensive Ranch Management Calendar (Grazing, Herd Health and Bio Security, Marketing, Conservation, Genetics), plus a signed Environmental Farm Plan (under the guidelines of the B.C. Agricultural Council).  The land base of “the Ranch” has in the past been certified organic and could be done so again if marketing conditions warrant it.

To seek out like minded and compatible groups to work together with and thus make our society a stronger entity.  This will include building a profile of our group as real people doing real work to enhance the ecosystems in our little part of the world.  Whilst “the Society” will be both politically and religiously neutral, the projects initiated will reflect an awareness of the Judeo Christian Principles that are the basis of our Western Civilization; and, will honor God who created this magnificent land in which we work, reside and recreate in the B.C. Peace River Country.

In the process of conceiving, initiating and following through on the ground to completion, all projects of this Society shall be carried out in a straight forward and proactive manner with optimum transparency, with a maximum of funds directed towards on-the- ground accomplishment and a very minimum directed towards bureaucratic procedures; hence, giving maximum actual impact for those worthy folks who donate funds to “the Society”.

Views of the Land   
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