Restoration Project    

Estimated completion date: Fall 2017 

Estimated cost: Estimated in the Thousands of Dollars

Partners: Encana, Ministry of Transport and others have been invited to participate.

View Pictures Below

Through improper road construction and maintenance, the drainage from the natural flow as well as the drainage from the road has caused mass erosion to the point where much of the bank is sliding downward trees and all. We are currently in discussion with Encana who has a proposed well site next to the area as well through Encana with the Ministry of Transport to come up with a solution. Other groups have been approached to help out also.   

The current brainstorming solution has to do with re-sloping the ditches on the road as well as rock baskets above (west) and below (east) of the culvert on the road. Using coconut matting to hold grass seed on the landscaped slopes as well as halved drainage culverts placed in the ditch to prevent further erosion cuts.


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