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Worthy materials and sources will continue to be posted here involving Holistic Management of Resources, Best Management Practices and ecologically winning techniques.

Initially we have a lot of information on this web site about the Kiskatinaw River Ranch; however, as we move along with our continuing web site development, several other outstanding forage & livestock ranching operations will also be highlighted. Please see this page for Ecological Winners in the Kiskatinaw River Valley.

We believe that pursuing proper grazing management techniques is altogether one of the most economically exciting ecologically necessary, and personally self fulfilling ventures occurring in agriculture over the past decade, currently and into the foreseeable future in the four Western Provinces. Much of this information transfer that feeds this situation is forage association to forage association and member to member to member; this type of activity is predicted to move along at an ever increasing rate into the future! Hence, the Reading Room has an important part to play in this highly desirable flow of information transfer amongst ranchers and farmers as we mosey along through the 21st century.

  • Salad Bar Beef  - Joel Salatin 1995 
    An educational and informative read that stands the test of time. Salatin offers up a complete set of management principles for: grazing and forage crops, beef production a la grass finished, soil and water conservation systems and highly successful merchandising of product, in this case finished beef grazed on a salad bar of tasty palatable forages just about yearlong to produce adequately finished animals whose nutritious beef has both a wholesome and exquisite flavor. The Salatins have found presale of beef and fall delivering packaged to customers a sound business enterprise for them on Polyface  Farms in Virginia. A must read for anyone who wants to raise and sell grassforage finished beef successfully in North America.

  • Eco-Fascists – Elizabeth Nickson 2012 
    “How radical conservationists are destroying our Natural Heritage”. 

    Nickson bills herself as  an investigative journalist and shows she is both fearless and thorough as she goes about collecting information and investigating it to write this most informative  book.  She is stimulated by the Islands Trust, a bureaucratic group who govern Salt Spring Island and other of the Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Seattle.  Eco Fascists right in her own back yard! As she tries to establish her private property rights on her 28 acres of private land including subdividing it for a second house she wanders around Western North American from West Coast Forests to the New Mexico border with Old Mexico and the Alberta Oil Patch; and, hitting quite a few points in between. 

    One thing all rural areas in Western North America appear to have in common is this:  They are all shrinking in population of people working on, managing and owning the land for food production and under siege from guess who?  Environmental non government organizations,( ENGOs), federal agencies of the US Government, wealthy US conservation and environmental organizations (Foundations) and radical left wing political “agitistas” and even some multinational corporations:  Wait, what is going on?  How can this be?  The aforementioned groups are busy telling us virtually constantly that they have all the answers as to how to keep the ecosystems on planet earth healthy and prosperous if only we forget about  ownership of private property and individual thinking and achievements and do what they prescribe for us!  If you really want to know what the Bureau of Land Management, the US Forest Service, the Environmental Protection agency, the Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy , the Tides and Pew Foundations,  The  Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change (IPCC),, David Suzuki and Company and Al Gores Really Inconvenient Truths Bunch are up to, please read this literary jewel.  Nothing less that the destruction of the Western North American Food Production System and the Western way of life is occurring and Nickson has exposed these nefarious activities nicely.

  • Cows Save the Planet and other improbable ways of restoring soil to heal the earth.  Judith D. Schwartz 2013. 
    “Unmaking the deserts, rethinking climate change, bringing back biodiversity and restoring nutrients to our food.”

    The thesis of this well written well researched journalistic effort revolves on several major points.  Proper soil management is the basis of all life and encouragement of maximum populations and activity of soil micro and macro organisms has to be one of the top goals for society moving forward.  The photosynthetic process of trees, grasses, legumes and other plants whereby   oxygen is produced and put in the atmosphere offers the greatest opportunity to enhance the earth’s climate and environment.  Increase photos synthesis as most cow/calf producers do daily and the earth becomes a better place. Ranchers and other livestock producers who have embraced a “Holistic Philosophy” and are practicing Holistic Management of Resources with their lands and herds are leading the way with sound economic management and improving the ecosystems of the environment.  Their techniques need to be followed by larger segments of land owners and managers in North America.  Climate Science as promoted these days by “The Powers That Be” appears to be based entirely on both science and computer models that do not necessarily accurately follow the scientific process and seem to be regularly lacking on the ground verification by people of common sense.  A lot of media and political publicity has been put forth virtually continually over the years about carbon footprints.  However, if you are a cow/calf producer and have yearlings on pastures with several groves of trees around it is an entirely possible that you may instead conclude  after reading this book that you have an OXYGEN footprint!  One of your first summation thoughts on this book might be that it is offering the contrarian viewpoints on Climate Change.  However, upon further evaluation you may conclude that Cows Save the Planet is the true main stream straight forward analysis of climate change with sane solutions offered to deal positively with the changing climate and other environmental challenges; whereas, the climate hysteria Suzuki-Obama-Gore arguments are in fact the contrarian view?

  • Holistic Management  (A new framework for Decision Making)  Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield., 616 pages. Island Press. Washington, B.C./Covelo, California. 1999. Allan Savory, an original guru of the thought and action  processes of the Holistic Management of Resources, lays it all out for you in an easy reading style thanks to the superb editorial attentions of his wife Jody Butterfield.
  • The Stockman Grass Farmer. The Grazier’s Edge  Toll free 1-800-748-9808;
    The premier publication in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A. for graziers with all levels of expertise. H. Allan Nation, the editor, is well traveled throughout the grazing world and a well written journalist.  Published monthly in tabloid newspaper format by the Mississippi Valley Publishing Corporation at Ridgeland, Mississippi, USA.
  • Forage First  published quarterly in Dawson Creek, B.C. this spiffy Newsletter from the Peace River Forage Association of British Columbia, a strong voice for quality forage and grazing management in Northeast B.C., is chock full of good ideas and good articles on successful producer activities in every issue. Please contact Sandra Burton and for further information.
  • The Blade  Another spiffy newsletter is published regularly by the GreyWooded Forage Association of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.  Wonderful forage and grazing information about West Central Alberta with much pertinent information that can be applied in both Northern Alberta and Northern B.C. Please contact Albert Kuipers by phone at 403-844-2645. One of the most active Canadian Forage Associations of all time.
  • Hunters Map Land station map HTS93P-15 Sunset Prairie, British Columbia, January 2001 shows a good chunk of the middle of the Kiskatinaw River Valley. Adjoining sheets 93P-16 and 93P-10 show more of the valley. Available at Corlane Sporting Goods Ltd in Dawson Creek

  • Landcare Australia - Sponsored by the Australian government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Landcare is a voluntary community movement of about 4500 groups across Australia. $189 million has been set aside for five years (from the $2 billion total invested in Caring for Our  Country Landcare monies are for conservation activities on private land on farms, in water catchments and at the regional level. For more information Australia’s Landcare please check out their website
    Landcare is part of Caring for our Country which is an Australian government initiative that seeks to achieve an environment that is health, better protected, well managed and resilient, and provides essential ecosystem services in a changing climate. Sustainable natural resource management is a big thrust here.
    As well as the DAFF the Department of the Environment, Water Heritage and the Arts is also highly involved in “Caring for Our country”. For more information please check out their website: http://www/
  • Forage Facts compiled by the Peace River Forage Association of B.C.  This information involved R & D projects undertaken by the Association and total about 60 projects completed over a 10 year period and may be accessed at
  • Google Photographs  Updated and clear Google photography now covers many farms and ranches and other points of interest in the Kiskatinaw River Valley.  Check Google on line for your area of interest.
  • Cheney Lake, Kansas   Involved are the US Natural Resources Conservation Service and local farmers and ranchers plus the City of Wichita and Kansas State University.  In operation for almost two decades, their objectives of cleaner water and adequate water for the city, plus enhanced watershed protection via improved conservation and management techniques with good economic values being employed by ranchers and farmers in the adjacent watershed area to Wichita are being met.
  • Growing Forward   Canadian Federal government ecological and environmental improvement program to aid farmers through their Environmental Farm Plans and supported by provincial governments.  In BC contact ARDCORP, Abbotsford.  1-866-522-3447. 
  • Old Kiskatinaw River Wooden Bridge ( circa 1942)  Use Google to check out numerous websites with historical information.

    The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science, Tim Ball PhD, 2014 

    Tim Ball spent a lot of his life in the Winnipeg and Manitoba area.  First as an Aircraft Navigations Officer with an air crew in the Canadian Air Force involved in Search and Rescue work in Canada’s arctic.  It is here that Ball developed his interest in meteorology.

    Post military he enrolled at the University of Winnipeg earning both a Bachelors degree in geography, then  a Masters degree too. From 1972 –1982 he was a lecturer and then in 1982 he Achieved his Doctor of Science with his thesis on “Climate Change in Central Canada”.  As a university of Winnipeg professor from 1982 – 1996, he also earned a PhD in Climatology as Doctor of Science in Climatology from Queen Mary College, University of London.

    Dr. Ball is a well known climate scientist in Western Canada as he has often spoken at various agricultural conventions and seminars in the late 20th century and now into our current century.  He currently lives in the Victoria area.

    He is also a believer in long, medium and short term climate cycles and in using all the historic data available such as Hudson Bay Company fur trading records and information from both Missionaries and First Nations, plus delving into ancient climate records courtesy of Archeology and other pertinent science.

    Anyone who has ever met Dr. Ball or listened to one of his presentations realized that Ball is a man who thoroughly understands and practices the scientific process properly.  From a scientific idea or theory through normal, well documented testing procedures to a rigorous peer review at the end before the original idea is declared scientifically correct and therefore a fact or process that can be legitimately pursued  within  the scientific community and released to taxpayers and governments for their use..

    One Canadian in particular stands out in the investigations of corruptions of climate process.  Maurice Strong, a close associate of Trudeau the Elder, and a man who strongly believed in one world government; and, he further believed in the destruction of the capitalistic-industrial countries economies by the one world government.  In his life time he was CEO of Power Corporation in Montreal, Petro Canada in Calgary; Ontario Hydro in Toronto; furthermore he was a man of considerable skill in applying his beliefs.  Strong chose the UN as his vessel and had tremendous influence in creating various agencies and panels of the UN to advance “his kind of science” towards his ultimate political goal:  UN Environment program ( UNEP),World Metrological Organization (WMO); Climate Research Unit (CRU) ; Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change (IPCC).

     Strong of course during his lifetime (deceased November 2015) used the UN to advance his lifelong beliefs by  “his kind of science”  towards his political goal through the efforts of hundreds of scientists.

    The information presented in “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science” is a result of the thorough investigations into Climate Research programs by Dr. Ball and into the workings of the various UN agencies and panels concerning themselves with manmade global warming and climate change due to ever increasing C02 emissions leading to the doom of the world.

    By the time you have completed this game changing book you of course realize that Global Warming is very over overrated, the earth’s climate has been changing for millions of years and that Carbon Dioxide is plant food; for instance, if you want more tomato and cucumber production - load up your green house with C02! 

    So with bonafide science in the rearview mirror you suspect billions and billions of dollars of tax payers money has likely been wasted in pursuit of bureaucratic goals and political solutions like RIO 92 and Copenhagen 2009?

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